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Adjust Brake Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud

Release the handbrake of the Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud at the Dashboard.

The adjustment screw protruding through the brake water excluder has a squared end for spannering purposes (see picture right). Four ‚clicks‘ can be felt during every complete turn of the adjustment screw.
To adjust the brakes, it is necessary to jack the rear wheels clear of the ground. Each wheel should be rotated a few degrees in each direction and the adjustment screw (see picture above) turned clockwise until a solid resistance is felt. The Patent Rolls-Royce adjustment screw should then be turned back two ‚clicks‘. This will provide the correct brake setting.
If replacement shoes with new linings have been fitted, the adjustment screw should be set back five `clicks‘ to allow for initial ‚growth‘ of the linings during road test. After the road test with your Bentle S1 ; S2 or Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud , the brakes should be re-adjusted and the adjustment screws set back three `clicks‘. By the time further adjustment is necessary, the linings will have stabilised and the normal adjustment may be carried out.

Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow Bremse System